This is a short film that stars Hannah Uszak.  The film is a series of video diary entries of a high school girl.  She has to move to a new school, and develops a crush on a boy... which turns into something darker. Hannh gives a fantastic performance, and music is, of course, handled by Rob Hemmick.

Mr. Smiley
This is really more of an editing experiment than a film, but oh well, it's up anyway.  This little kid was passing out these little fuzzy balls which he had painted smiley faces onto.  It struck me as being slightly creepy, so I took it home and make a weird little short piece out of it.  Fun, but nothing memorable, really. 

Down the Hall
I made this because I always felt that, at night, the hallway in the bottom of my building is really creepy looking.  So I went down and just shot footage walking through it.  Kinda reminds you of a creepy prison or something.  Then later I got some cool footage of the moon and edited them together.

Her Golden Hair
I thought of this one night just before I went home from work.  On the drive home I wrote part of the poem in my head and finished it when I got home.  Is basically just part poem part abstract film. 

Inner Light
This came about because I was just in the mood to create something.  I grabbed my camera, started shooting, loaded it up into my computer, and came out with this.  Was about 2 hours from the time I started shooting to the time I finished.  An interesting little abstract film for an evening.

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amos is an experimental film that can only be described as a
biblical horror film... yes, you read that right. It takes a couple of
verses out of the Old Testament book of Amos, and illustrates
them in a very creepy way.

The Boss
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The third film from Director Eric Sparks.
'The Boss' stars Richard Crider as a classic mafia boss ruling over
his own little empire. --  He's the Boss. He sits in his chair, a powerful man,
people come to ask for favors, or money, or advice, and gives it to them
how he sees fit. Even his family take a back seat to "the business," but
only his family know that he's really not the boss he thinks he is.

night has broken

Here is a new independent film from Eric Sparks.  It was shot over 2
years ago by Eric Sparks, with Rob Hemmick and Tracy Bond.  Rob
Hemmick did the music, and it was premiered October 30th to a small
group of people.  Check out the full 8 minute film here.

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Watch the full movie right here.
This first project for Astrophe Entertainment is a short film written
and directed by Eric Sparks. It is similar to a Twilight Zone or
Outer Limits episode in its plot. The film stars Kate Failor as
Kate Owens, an everyday girl whose world gets turned upsidown
when her boyfriend is supposedly killed in a plane crash.
The only problem is that he was with her at her apartment when
the plane took off.

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